artist-header-template-little-arrow.jpgDescribe your creative process! How do you get unstuck creatively? I usually have a vision of a pattern that I want to make and in between time with my littles during the day, I try to get a sketch down on paper. Once everyone is tucked into bed at night, I start designing. I will then scan in my sketch and redraw it in Illustrator. I add color (my fav part) and texture and then place my art into pattern form.
Whenever I get stuck creatively, I find that working with watercolor for a couple of days along with a break from the computer, is usually enough to get me out of my funk. When all else fails, I can ask my oldest daughter for ideas. 4-year-olds usually have fun ideas!
What are you inspired by? Who are some of your design heroes?
I have a lot of design heroes. One of them is Sonia Delaunay. Her use of geometric shapes and color were amazing. I am inspired by fashion, the changing of the seasons, food, and my children.

Do you consider trends when designing? I love to stay on top of color trends. Coloring my work is probably one of my favorite parts of the entire design process. Color can change the vibe of the design, so I spend a lot of time to find the right combinations.

How is this inspiring your art? I am currently loving all the rainbow colors that are on trend. I have been infusing more color into my pattern work than I typically do.
What originally made you want to become an artist/designer? I have always had a love for creating. After leaving my corporate job to stay at home with my daughter, I slowly started creating. I started with designing and sewing baby bedding, which grew quickly into a love for pattern making. I am so happy that I have found something that I am so passionate about and can enjoy doing daily.

What has challenged the way you think about the creative process recently? I recently completed the 100-day project. For my project, I chose to make a new pattern each day. After I got over the initial “every pattern must be a rockstar” mentality (around day 28), I really started to enjoy the process. I created things within that 100 days that I would have never made outside of the project. Most importantly the project taught me to lose the fear of running out of ideas. The more I create the more ideas that I have.
Outside of creating, what do you enjoy doing? I enjoy spending time with my family. I have a wonderful husband and two girls, Abigail (4) and Samantha (1). We love biking and exploring new areas around our home area in Virginia.

Words to live by: Carpe diem



  1. In Regards To Rainbow Water Color Blush,
    When I was a little one in 5th grade I handmade my first dress it was of polished cotton and it turned out pretty nice considering it was hand stitched. Again at a very young age would keep changing my mom and dads home around true statement.. lol!!
    My art was all apart of it. I had my children before and during opening my own restaurant and lounge with a designer boutique above it.. Also would make my own clothes , Some people if I told them now, They don’t believe me.. but Iloved doing it all, Designed my Restaurant and Lounge as a outdoor, fine casual dining. 15 years later I sold and moved to Palm Springs, Ca.
    I have been creating most of my life and don’t think I will ever stop.
    Thank You Sherri Nicholas

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