artist-header-template-holli-zollingerDescribe your creative process! How do you get unstuck creatively? My creative process always begins with a visual inspiration so I am very regular on sites like Pinterest or Instagram.  Also, a late favorite for referencing illustrations is the Biodiversity Heritage Library on Flickr. It hosts thousands of old scientific drawings of flora and fauna. I can get lost for hours in there! When I need to change gears or get unstuck creatively I tend to leave my computer for a walk or hike into my surroundings.  I take this time to think about my work and new ways of viewing it.

What are you inspired by? Who are some of your design heroes? This list could be a mile long, but to name a few: Botany, traveling, making good food, tribal design, neutral palettes, stellar conversation, my family, a relaxing bath, the color green in all its variations, the desert, clay, tile, and mosaic work. My design heroes are always changing as I continue to evolve as an artist. Some of my earliest heroes were artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Van Gogh (which continue to inspire) and now new heroes such as Gucci, Valentino and De Gournay.

Do you consider trends when designing? If so, what resources help you stay informed? Do you have a favorite trend right now? I always consider trends but render in a way that feels true to me.  Part of my daily activity is browsing trend forecasting sites to stay inspired and to making sure I am keeping an eye on what’s popular.  Currently, I am fascinated by tile.  It’s my secret wish to start designing my own line (not so secret anymore)!  I love the idea of working with stone, ceramics, and earth. I am also very fond of plants and the natural world. I am continually motivated by the endless variations I can infuse them into my work.

Describe a real life situation that inspired a design in your gallery! A few years back I traveled to Morocco, I was truly blown away.  I had never been so abundantly inspired in my life, the place where I stayed was featured in Elle Decor!  I fell madly in love with the buildings, the rugs….oh the rugs, the temples, the market and the colors throughout.  My Marrakeshi design came from an infusion of that experience. See more Moroccan inspiration here!

What originally made you want to become an artist/designer? I love the silence and space infused in the act of creating. I was drawn to that originally and now it’s become a necessary daily ritual.  It’s never been hard for me to be creative, only the expression of that creativity is what changes shape and evolves.  Sometimes in that process, things can be difficult in trying out a new style or skill, but I also appreciate the challenge.

See more of Holli’s botanical inspired prints!

What has challenged the way you think about the creative process recently? As a visual artist to begin with, I used to think using the computer to create art was cheating.  How far I’ve come….!!! I only feel challenged currently by the sheer lack of time and substrates to work with!

Outside of creating, what do you enjoy doing? I am in the process of building a fully sustainable, solar powered, straw bale home in my lovely town of Moab, Utah.  I am very consumed and inspired by this process and how it might steer my work in the next six months.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? Pay attention to the long game.

Words to live by: Just do it.



  1. Hi Holly,
    You and I have a lot in common!! I don’t an inpiration when I get up in the morning sometimes I never go to sleep because I am so evolved with my designing f I have prints made and apparel and send them to a company to put my art on… there is nothing like having a talent in art and designing. I create anything I can get my hands on.. I do wood art some of the wood images after I am done with. I put them in the computer and do my digi art.. I use to paint traditionally now I am on my computer all day.. creating!!!
    Your right Holly,stone, wood, flowers .. Love to garden but recently I have been so busy with my blogs and I am a publisher for companys. I have to say that I am cutting down from the advertising for them, its become to much… love Photography but had surgery on my back and my one foot right of course numb.. so I can’t drive…
    I have a family of 5 adult children and am married many moons..
    I do count my blessing.
    Charmaine V. Nicholas

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