Two Ways To Style A Bench In A Modern Bedroom

bench-styling-end-of-bed-blog cover.jpgOk, so it’s official. I’m madly in love and this goes far beyond my affection for Tom Brady, Justin Timberlake and quite frankly, my husband. Deny has launched the new stool and bench collection and it’s got me swooning. The girls over at Deny have been begging for a seating collection for some time now and when it became a reality a month ago, we were all jumping up and down.

For weeks on end, we tested leg designs, colors and fabrics. We narrowed down the options and landed on the Aston leg, which was the clear winner in the office vote. It’s just so elegant, sleek and stunning. Next up, we picked the metal leg colors. I’m in love with the gold, but there were lots of other people who wanted a black option. So it was natural that we’d launch with those two colors. However, I’m still pushing for a limited edition color (to be revealed at a later date) to add to the collection. For the plush seating cushion, we went with what we’re calling “vegan leather”. Makes me laugh! Even though it’s not real leather, it feels like the real deal…trust me!!!


bench-leg-black.jpgbench-leg.jpgThe moment I knew that both of these new products were a reality, I instantly started thinking where I could implement them into my house. The stools were easy, and you’ll see that in the months to come. With the bench, there were just so many options. I narrowed it down to my bedroom, naturally at the foot of my bed, and my closet.

Let’s chat about said closet for a moment. Up until 2 years ago, my closet was soooo itty bitty. When I’d give a home tour, women would get to that part of the house and just give me a pity sigh. And it wasn’t insulting because I too gave the same reaction EVERY SINGLE TIME I walked in there. So, in the new house, I was fortunate to have a major upgrade when it came to that space and I ran with it…and ran really fast! I went from two tiny little sections to plenty and then, of course, added a chandelier just to make sure that every time I walked in there, instead of pity, I felt pure joy. And I do! With this larger closet, I’ve often thought that it needed a little seating area to take a load off while I put my shoes on or take them off…or even a place to just sit and hide while my children call out “Mommy!!!!” from all parts of the house trying to locate me in the two minutes that I’ve walked away.


bench-styling-walk-in-closet-3.jpgEnter the bench. I’ve always loved a seating area at the end of the bed…it just feels so regal to me. But I can also appreciate taking my closet up a notch. I mean, the chandelier needs a cute friend, right?! I’ve included shots of the bench in both locations and honestly, I love them both! Which room do you like it better in? And please no judging on a number of shoes. It’s a weakness and I realize I need


2 thoughts on “Two Ways To Style A Bench In A Modern Bedroom

  1. Hi Kim, nice to meet you!!

    I have always loved benches, The Darker Leaf color is my favorite, yet I love the black legs.
    Benches can be use almost anywhere in a home , gee even the bathroom in the right home.
    I too have had a bench in front of the bed, foyer with a great picture coffee table with a pieec of glass, Yes they are so versatile.
    lovely to say the Least
    Sherri Nicholas
    Charmaine Nicholas

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