artist-header-template-florentDescribe your creative process! How do you get unstuck creatively? Ideas come to my mind all the time, sometimes at surprising moments! When a new idea is born I then let it sprout for a few days before sketching. I like to use little notebooks for this purpose. I then select the ideas I’m most inspired by and start working on them, usually, it involves drawing or painting first then transitioning to my computer. I find that having a break or traveling are good ways to rejuvenate my mind and get new perspective and ideas.


What are you inspired by? I’m inspired by the always wonderful natural world around me, especially the animals, music, and films also plays very important role in my creative process.Who are some of your design heroes? I’d say that my all time art hero is Renée Magritte, the French painter. More recently I’ve loved the work of Karolis Strautniekas and Kelzuki. Two different styles that I really love. I also admire the way they keep designing with the same graphic style, which is not my case!

Do you consider trends when designing? I don’t think I consider trends too much when I design, I’m very inspired by the art and creations of yesteryears. I’m a bit of an Instagram addict though so it must influence me in a way.

What are you currently fascinated with?
 How is this inspiring your art? Right now I’m inspired by murals and street art, I don’t know yet how this new interest might influence my work, I’ll have to wait and see.
Also, I really love artists creating charts designs in an antique way, but with new designs such as Keltuki or Atelier Graphique. I would love to create a series of these wall charts with strange subjects.What originally made you want to become an artist/designer? It’s not very original but I was born in a very creative family, there are painters, sculptors, violin makers, musicians among my family members. I grew up in this stimulating and inspiring environment and it naturally shaped my life, tastes, and personality.

What has challenged the way you think about the creative process recently? Will I seem like a fossilized dinosaur if I say my creative process hasn’t changed much recently?

From top left: A building in Lyon, France, Nature near Florents home, Pianographe, Musique Meuble art installation, Nature near Florents home, kittens in rural Franceter a caption

Outside of creating, what do you enjoy doing? It’s still creation I guess but I enjoy composing music and creating sound installations. I recently created an instrument called the “pianographe” that merges music and images. I like to spend time in nature, I live in a sumptuous part of France and can’t get enough of these landscapes. I’m happier if my two crazy whippets are with me. I enjoy traveling, at the moment I’m spending a few weeks in Berlin. I fell in love with the city last year, it’s such a complex, rich and inspiring place, art is everywhere. See more of Florents inspirations on his Instagram.

What is the best piece of advice you have ever received? My wife taught me to not follow the trends, even my own ones. That’s tempting reproducing your best sellers but I don’t want to do that and feel like a robot. Explore new domains and techniques for creation, impose your self and new challenges will open opportunities.

Words to live by: Art every day!

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