Front Porch Refresh


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m happiest when I’m warm and now that it’s May, the sunshine in all of its gloriousness is headed my way.  I’ve decided to be blissfully ignorant to the fact that it can snow anytime before Mother’s Day in Colorado. This year I made a little goal for myself of doing a seasonal refresh on my front porch.  You may think this is a silly goal to have, but I own a home décor company! So, it seems only natural that I set the example, right!?  Also, your front porch is the first impression people have of your home so it’s a good place to start!   

Patio Refresh

About a year and a half ago, when we bought our new house, I began the difficult journey of finding outdoor furniture my husband and I both loved. This turned out to be just about as difficult as solving world peace (or maybe trying to get two political parties to agree on a health care plan…ha!).  After showing him many a couch/chair set, I finally wore him down and sprung for this couch from CB2. The moment it ended up on the porch, we promptly fell in love and knew it was just right. 


In choosing the art for my throw pillows, I started with the design I HAD to have and one that I knew would give me the “pop” I was going for. Paddle Cactus Blush by Jacqueline Maldonado is the star of the show; I am mildly obsessed with this print!  Isn’t it just soooo pretty?!  And I should mention that if you love this pattern like I do but want colors that are a little less bold, the artist also created it in a pale green version and it is equally amazing.  

Kim's Patio Refresh Process

Next, I brought in some coordinating tones from my must-have design. The Florida girl in me needed this Flamingo print, Flamingo Pink by Holli Zollinger and it just happened to bring out all the right colors from the above pattern. Lastly, I brought in some different textures that rounded out the color scheme from the original piece and gave the collection some depth. I chose Flamingo Watercolor by Chelsea Victoria and Desert Morning by Zoe Wodarz. And for the final touch, typography.  It’s my personal belief that typography pulls everything together and sets the tone for just about any project. Be Happy by Chelsea Tate was the perfect choice. 

Kim's Patio Refresh

Kim's Patio Refresh

I also decorated the other side of the front door with these fun acapulco chairs. To finish it off, I added this amazing “Hello You Lovely People” doormat from my girl, Joanna Gaines and her Magnolia Collection. And say hello to Ra Ra again, looking so sharp showing off her colorful bow from Oh Joy for Target!

Kim's Patio Refresh

Kim's Patio Refresh

The end result was a fun, pink, springy collection that delivers the patio punch I was going for! Which speaking of, can we give my husband a few props for embracing my love of that color?!  Overall, I’m super happy with the combo.  What are your thoughts?!

Patio Refresh Shopping List

1: Outdoor Sectional / 2: Acapulco Chairs (last season CB2, find similar here) / 3: Paddle Cactus by Jacqueline Maldonado Deny Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow / 4: Flamingo Pink by Holli Zollinger Deny Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow / 5: Desert Morning by Zoe Wodarz Deny Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow / 6: Flamingo Watercolor by Chelsea Victoria Deny Designs Outdoor Throw Pillow / 7: Be Happy by Chelcey Tate Deny Designs Oblong Throw Pillow / 8: Doormat (purchased at Magnolia Market at The Silos, find similar here)

For added inspiration, check out this collection to see some other options that were finalists for this space!  And wish me luck as I head to design my back patio now!


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